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Taekwondonomics will practice strict health screening and has entry regulations in place to protect our children from the virus.

1) All adults are not allowed to enter the training hall. Please inform your helper, grandparents, to kindly wait at reception counter for assistance.

2) Children or children with adults who are unwell: show symptoms of running nose, flu, cough or fever will be refused entry to the school or send back during our health screening checks.

3) Parents to do a mandatory travel declaration during children’s health screening before we allow children into the school.

Parents who bring their children to training, please fill in the declaration form on the spot to avoid any miscommunications.

LOA (Leave of absence) is mandatory and applies to all who had travelled to China in Jan 2020 or have direct contact to travellers from China. Travel declaration is also made mandatory. All these strict measures will help us to keep our trainees safe.

For parents peace of mind, Taekwondonomics coaches and staff did not travel to China in Jan 2020.

Thank you.


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