Hi all,

This is a short summary of our exciting trip to Korea this year! For the detailed itinerary please open the PDF link attached at the end of the page!

Enjoy 5 days of an exciting overseas customized training programme to Taekwondo City, Muju, Korea, exclusively for our
students and their families only.

The purpose of this trip is to help our students enhance their training skills, understand the culture of our overseas counterparts
and to experience training in a different environment. Best of all, parents are welcome to participate in training!

As vacancies will be limited to 20 select students, please submit your reply to our Coach by
31 Jan 2018 (Wed). Seats will be RESERVED on a first-come-first served basis!

taekwondonomics – Seoul Programme 2018

Here is also a short introduction to Grand Master Kim of our Taekwondo Training Camp!

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